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    The Best Comedians ...yet TO BE HOUSEHOLD NAMES

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    6/21 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    7/19 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    8/9 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    8/10 Altoona PA McGarvey's 8pm

    8/11 Akron Ohio 8pm

    8/12 Columbia Mo

    8/13 Columbia Mo

    8/17 St Louis MO The Heavy Anchor 8pm

    8/18 Shelbyville IN Christi's Off-Broadway Theatre 7pm

    8/19 Logansport IN State Theatre 8pm

    8/20 Nashville TN Private Show 9pm

    8/21 Eclipse

    8/23 Paducah KY Paducah Beer Werks 8pm

    8/24 Louisville KY The Bard's Town

    8/25 Ozark MO Seven Springs Winery 8pm

    8/26 Oklahoma City OK Fat Dog Kitchen and Bar 8pm, 10pm

    8/26 Oklahoma City OK Fat Dog Kitchen and Bar 5pm, 8pm

    9/1-2 Springfield MO Blue Room Comedy Club 8pm/10pm

    9/3 Tulsa Ok Venue Shrine w Ben Kronberg

    9/4 Kansas City Uptown Arts Bar MO w Ben Kronberg

    9/5 Memphis TN w Ben Kronberg

    9/6 Eaton IN Green Diamond Junction 8pm

    9/8-9 Springfield MO Blue Room Comedy Club 8pm/10pm

    9/13 Muncie IN Comedy Underground 8pm

    9/15 Louisville KY MAG Bar 8pm

    9/20 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    10/4 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    10/11 Miami FL

    10/12 Miami FL

    10/13 Miami FL

    10/14 Miami FL

    10/15 Miami FL

    10/19 Orlando FL

    10/20 Orlando FL

    10/21 Orlando FL

    10/18 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    11/8 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    11/15 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    11/22 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    12/6 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    12/13 Jersey City Raval 8pm

    12/20 Jersey City Raval 8pm

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